My name's Paul Bailey, as you can tell from the title. I live in Hawaii and try to capture a little bit of everything on the island. I used to live in Virginia and shot for a lot of shows and random things, mainly studio work and portraits. Near the end is more of the blog is my work from school, I went to Art Institute of Washington. My best friend is my Nikon D600, a lot of my work is with printing as well and I hope to sell some soon. Let me know if you would like to shoot sometime

Sunset at White Plains beach
Bellows beach, Hawaii
Grunge and Skulls. Thought it was a good idea at 1 am.

Want it to be the 29th so I can take some photos of Hatebreed..

Part 2 to Mafia Shoot.
Mafia shoot with old friend.
Photoshoot with Lauren before we moved to Hawaii.
Anonymous: You're really cute And I live in Hawaii to c:

thanks anon! your sunglasses are cute!